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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Icom Communication Products - Ideal For Land, Air and Water

Regardless if you are airborne or standing with two feet securely on the ground, Icom radios will keep you in touch. Pilots worldwide have been using and trusting Icom aviation radios and equipment due to the outstanding reputation for quality that it offers.

Aviation buffs love the Icom portable air band receivers that deliver simple one-handed operation that lets you listen in on aircraft and air traffic control communications. With large sized, labeled keypads and user-friendly operation, the large screens show the user both letters and numbers and has dozens of memory channels. Ideal for receiving amateur band, emergency services, VHF marine band as well as full air band, there are several Icom air band receivers from which to choose.

The Icom avionics IC-A14 series is the perfect flight companion for student pilots as the radio saves both engine hours and fuel during pre-flight communications with the air traffic tower. Due to the fact that air band radios are operated in very noisy environments, it is important that the radio used provides loud and very clear audio. Icom air band radios use amplifiers that make the audio loud and clear to cut through both cabin and tarmac noise. These hand held units are compact and lightweight, water-resistant and offer up to 18 hours of operating time. Not only perfect for the student pilot, this type of radio is also well-suited for ground crews working in wet conditions. Built rugged and designed to take a beating, the A 14 Series is second-to-none.

Icom radios have been used for years by discerning pilots and air crews who demand the best. Icom also manufacturers some of the world's best marine products that are used to keep boaters in touch with other boats on the water and informed about changing weather conditions. Icom is a leader that other manufacturers struggle to follow, with standards that include complete submersible construction and military specifications.

Icom's land mobile products provide two way communications for police, fire and industry applications with products ranging from portable hand held radios to mobile units that are designed to be mounted on vehicles. Icom also manufacturers customized communication systems that provide communication-based services for campuses, plants and large structures to give them complete independence from public-owned power and communication grids.

Go with the best for all of your communication needs. Icom products are backed by rock solid guarantees and can be purchased at authorized dealers and from numerous wholesale distributors.

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